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 How to find a book/Book arrangement.
 Books, magazines, and audio-visual data are searchable. (Updated every week)
 Newly accepted books, audio-visual data, etc. are listed.
・Books published by AIJ (prewar and postwar up to 1962)
・Pulication of other institutions
・Spcial valuable literature owned by AIJ
 Lists of documents of symposia and research assemblies.
 A database compiled by the Literature Abstract Subcommittee that introduces the content of pieces of literature related to architecture.
 Literature search related to architecturali history and design.
 The content and images of AIJ’s journals, transactions and summaries at Annual Conventions can be searched and extracted. (Free of charge)

AIJ Library Information
Library hours
9:30 - 17:00 Monday through Friday

Closed: Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, the yearend and New Year holidays and the AIJ foundation day (April 9).
Early closure: Closed at 15:00 on the first Monday of the month for refiling.


<Note for visitors>
Parking space
Parking space is not available for visitors to the Library. Please visit us by public transport.

Contact us
Phone: 03-3456-2019 (direct to Library) ,
Fax: 03-3456-2085 (direct to Library)
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Visitor qualification
Members of AIJ (regular individual members, regular corporate members, student members and supporting members).
Members of the Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE). The AIJ Library and the JSCE Library exchanged interlibrary access memorandums. This also enables AIJ members to gain access to the JSCE Library.
For admittance to the library, the AIJ membership card needs to be presented. >> How to become a member of AIJ
Nonmembers can gain access to the library by presenting a letter of introduction from a regular member. Each letter of introduction is valid for one day (form: Word/pdf).The admission fee for a nonmember is JPY300 per entrance. Though two nonmembers can enter the library at a time with a letter of introduction from a regular member, they may be asked to wait for entrance when the library is crowded, by the“members first” principle. The photocopy service is available to nonmembers.
Publications of AIJ (Headquarters and Chapters)
Books, newspapers, journals, study reports, microfiches, videos, etc., related to architecture
Books: 46,000 (40,000 in Japanese, 6,000 in foreign languages)
Special collections: The Tsumaki Collection, Tatsuno Collection (in Japanese and foreign languages ), photographs of buildings in Meiji and Taisho Periods, etc.
Microfiches: Publications of AIJ (Journal of Architecture and Building Design, Transactions of AIJ, Summaries of Technical Papers of Annual Convention, Chapter Research Reports, etc.)
Audiovisual references: DVD (764) , CD-ROM (871) , videos (587) , slides (100)
Access to books
The books are basically in open stacks, but some are in closed stacks. All books are only for use in the Library. No book may be checked out.
Photocopy service
To request photocopies, fill in the request form at the Reception Desk and ask the library staff. The charges for black and white copy are JPY30 per sheet for student members and JPY30 for regular members, and the color copy charge is JPY120 per sheet.
For details of photocopy requests by e-mail or fax, click “ details .”
Use of the Internet
Wireless connection to the Internet has become available (free of charge).
(The SSID and key are provided at the entrance.)

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