Release and copyright of uList of March 2015 DocumentsFJapanese Architectural Standard Specification etc.v

at the AIJ Library Digital Archives (“ϊ–{Œκ”Ε)

@Library Committee

Release plan for library documents in the Digital Archives

Through the AIJ Library Digital Archives, the AIJ Library Committee has been progressively releasing books and documents compiled and issued by AIJ.

It plans to release all text and image data issued from AIJ (mostly during 1981 to 1985) under a one-year plan from 2014.



1) Architectural design and related data*) 30 volumes,7,000pages
2) Specifications and standards*)  53 volumes,18,400pages
3) Other publications*) 49 volumes, 8,000 pages

2. Copyright associated with document release


Documents to be released in FY 2014 include uList of March 2015 Documents:Japanese Architectural Standard Specification etc.v*j Though permission from the authors should be obtained before making the book available to the public, the contact information of the authors or copyright successors has not become fully available because of the large number of authors and the many years since its publication. The Library Committee therefore decided to widely announce the release of the book on the web and wait for a reply from the authors or those concerned.

Anyone with knowledge about the authors listed below is requested to contact AIJ by Monday, March 16, 2015. The institute will then send a request for approval of reproduction.


‡@@List of March 2015 Documents:Japanese Architectural Standard Specification etc.

 @List of March 2015 Documents (Announcement 4)