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Japanese Architectural Standard Specification for Reinforced Concrete Work JASS5(2009)

建築工事標準仕様書・同解説 JASS5 鉄筋コンクリート工事(2009)英訳版

2015/02 3,500 Yen
Domestic Sales
Structural Steelwork Specification for Building Construction JASS6 (2007)

建築工事標準仕様書 JASS6 鉄骨工事(2007)

2012/10 3,800 Yen
Domestic Sales
AIJ Standards for Structural Calculation of Steel Reinforced Concrete Structures(1987)

鉄骨鉄筋コンクリート構造計算規準・同解説(1987) 英文抄訳版

1991/01 3,835 Yen
Domestic Sales
Reconnaissance Report on The 2010 Chile Off Maule Earthquake and Reconnaissance Report on the 2011 New Zealand Christchurch Earthquake

2010年チリ・マウレ沖地震被害調査報告書 / 2011年ニュージーランド・クライスト チャーチ地震被害調査報告書(和英併記)

2012/09 9,800 Yen
Domestic Sales
AIJ Standard for Structural Calculation of Reinforced Concrete Structures revised 2010 (Download sales only)

鉄筋コンクリート構造計算規準・同解説 英語版

2019/10 1,000 Yen
Architectural Institute of Japan Environmental Standards AIJES-H0003-2013(English Version)
Standard for Diagnosing Moisture Damage in Buildings and Implementing Countermeasures
(Download sales only)

日本建築学会環境基準 AIJES-H0003-2013 建物における湿害の診断と対策に関する規準・同解説 - 英語版

2019/05 1,000 Yen
AIJ Recommendations for Loads on Buildings (2015) (Download sales only)


2019/03 1,500 Yen
AIJ Design Standard for Steel Structures-Based on Allowable Stress Concept-(2005 Edition) (Download sales only)

鋼構造設計規準-許容応力度設計法- 英語版

2017/10 1,000 Yen
AIJ Benchmarks for Validation of CFD Simulations Applied to Pedestrian Wind Environment around Buildings (Download sales only)


2016/09 1,000 Yen
Design Recommendations for Seismically Isolated Buildings (Download sales only)


2016/05 1,500 Yen
AIJ Standard for Structural Design of Reinforced Concrete Boxed-Shaped Wall Structures(1997Edition) (only provided online PDF format)

壁式鉄筋コンクリート造設計規準・同解説(1997) 英訳版

2004/04 Free
Design Recommendation for Storage Tanks and Their Supports with Emphasis on Seismic Design (2010Edition) (only provided online PDF format) >> List of Corrigenda

容器構造設計指針・同解説(2010) 英訳版

2011/09 Free
Preliminary Reconnaissance Report of the 2011 Tohoku-Chiho Taiheiyo-Oki Earthquake

2011年東北地方太平洋沖地震災害調査速報 英訳編集版

2012/09 129.95 EUR
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107.09 EUR
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