AIJ Prizes 1999

The Grand Prize of AIJ 1999

A Aistinguished Achievement on Education, Research and Practical Works in the Field of Architectural History and Design, as well as a Contribution to Preserve Cultural Properties Including the Atomic Bomb Dome in Hiroshima in Particular

SATO Shigeo, Professor Emeritus, Hiroshima University

Contribution to Developmet of Research and Education in the Field of Structural Mechanics for Buildings, Especially in Limit Analysis and Plastic Design

TANAKA Hisashi, Professor Emeritus, Univerisity of Tokyo

The Prize of AIJ 1999

Research Theses Division

Environmental Engineering Research on Solar Energy Use in Architecture

UDAGAWA Mitsuhiro, Kogakuin University

Studies on Habitalility to Environmental Vibration of Tall Buildings

GOTO Takeshi, Hosei University

Studies on Strength and Ductility of Compsite Columns Using Steel Tube and Concrete or Reinforced Concrete

SAKINO Kenji, Kyushu University

Neoclassic Architecture in Germany

SUGIMOTO Toshimasa, Hiroshima University

Study on Engineering Tools for Fire Safety Design of Buildings

TANAKA Takeyoshi, Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University

A Series of Papers on Earthquake-Resistant Analysis of Building Structures with Emphasis upon Multi-Dimensional or Multi-Axis Problems

TAKIZAWA Haruo, Hokkaido University

Study on Hydroelastic Responses of Ocean Shell and Large Floating Structures

HAMAMOTO Takuji, Musashi Institute of Technology

Study on Integration of Design and Construction

FURUSAKA Shuzo, Kyoto University

Studies on Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction

YOSHIDA Nagayuki, Hosei University

A Study on the Spatial Legibility in Architecture by Wayfinding Experiment

WATANABE Akihiko, Toyohashi University of Technology

Architectural Design Division

Fukushimagata Lagoon Museum

AOKI Jun, Jun Aoki & Associates

Chugei High's Martial Arts Hall

YAMAMOTO Hisami, Yamamoto Chosui Architect & Associates

The Glass House

YOKOGAWA Ken, Ken Yokogawa Architect & Associates Inc.

Specific Contributions Division

A Series of Studies and Achievements of Structural Design Connecting Space and Materials

IMAGAWA Norihide, TIS & Partners. Co.LTD.

International Stadium Yokohama

TAKAHIDE Hidenobu, Mayor of Yokohama
NAKASONO Masaki, MHS Planners, Architects & Engineers
MAZUKA Tatsuo, Tohata Architects & Engineers, Inc.

Collaborative Achievement in Unifying Landscape Design, Architectural Design and Engineering Design of Hiyoshi Dam

HIGUCHI Tadahiko
Dan Norihiko, Norihiko Dan & Associates
Hiyoshi Town Office
Water Resources Development Public Corporation Hiyoshi Dama Control Office
Japan Water Resources Environment Technology Center
Kukan-soken Co.,LTD

The Continuous Activities of "Kominka Saisei Kobo (The Old Minka Restoration Workshop)"

YABUKI Akiyoshi, Kominka Saisei Kobo
SATO Takashi, Kominka Saisei Kobo
HAGIWARA Yoshiro, Kominka Saisei Kobo
NARAMURA Toru, Kominka Saisei Kobo
OSUMI Yuzo, Kominka Saisei Kobo
KAMIYA Akio, Kominka Saisei Kobo

Encouragement Prize of AIJ 1999

Optimal Operation Effect of Hybrid Energy Source System with Thermal Storage Tank

AKASHI Yasunori, Kyushu University

A Study on the Carpenters of Katsurano-miya Household

OZAWA Asae, Shokoku College

Structural Analysis of Design and Construction Process of Building

KANETA Takashi, Kyoto University

Folding Analysis for Frame Structures

KAWAGUCHI Ken'ichi, Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo

Influence of Railway Station and Shopping Center Entrance Locations on Generation of Community Facilities around Shopping Centers

KITA Ayoko, Osaka University

An Assessment Research for Radiant Heating and Cooling System Design
(1) Warm-Up Characteristics in Floor Heating Systems

KOHRI Kimiko, Utsunomiya University

Development of a Measuring Method of Cloud Amount on the Basis of Color Temperature of Sky Light
Development of an Automatic Measuring Instrument of Cloud Amount Part 2

KOGA Yasuko, Kyushu University

A Study on the Process of a Consensus Building on the Goal-Image of the Community Improvement

SOHDA Osamu, Waseda University

A Study on Behavioral Environment of Elderly Peaple in Regional Environment
Comparison of Housing Complex Area and Town Area

TACHIBANA Hiroshi, Chiba University

A Study on the Completion Process of "SHOMEI-SHAKISHU"

NAGAI Yasuo, Tohoku University

Peak Ground Velocity Evaluated form Damage Ratio of Low-rise Building during the Hyogo-ken Nambu Earthquake of 1995

HAYASHI Yasuhiro, Izumi Research Institute, Shimizu Corporation

Combined Non-linear Analyses of a Large Space Frame Using One-dimemsional Finite Element Method

HORI Akio, Technical Research Institute, Hazama Corporation

Numerical Simulation of Wind Flow over Urban Area

MARUYAMA Takashi, Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University

Analytical Study of Chloride Penetration into Concrete Exposed to Salt-Laden Environment

YAMADA Yoshitomo, University of Ryukyus

Theoretical Prediction of Shear Strength of Reinforced Concrete Beam Based on the Failure Mode

LEE Jung-Yoon, University of Houston

Annual Architectural Design Commendation 1999

Nagano Olympic Memorial Arena

ONO Takeshi, KUME SEKKEI Co.,Ltd
OZAKI Masaru, Kajima Corporation
BAN Shigeru, Van Structural Design

Nakano-sakaue Sunbright Twin

OMURA Fumio, Housing & Urban Development Corp. Tokyo
NISHIDA Katsuhiko, Helm Archiship
YAMAMOTO Keisuke, Yamamoto-Hori Architects

Genbeigawa Stream

OKAMURA Akiyoshi, Atelier Kujira
KATO Masayuki, Regional Landscape Planners Co.,Ltd.

Monnyuu no Sato

TADA Yoshiaki, Yoshiaki Tada architect & Associates

House in Higashi Hiroshima

TAKAHARA Yoshiji, Moo Architect Workshop

Wayo Women's University Sakura Seminar House

Nancy Finley, Factor N Associates
CHIBA Manabu, University of Tokyo/Factor N Associates

Namiai Forum

NAKAMURA Ben, Ben Nakamura and Associates Inc.

Shigebashira House

FUKAO Seiichi, Tokyo Metropolitan University


FURUMI Nobuyoshi, SENPOH Architects & Associates

Kanazawa Citizen's Art Center

MIZUNO Ichiro, Kanazawa Institute of Technology

Chugei High's Martial Arts Hall

YAMAMOTO Hisami, Yamamoto Chosui Architect & Associates

Kikyo Extended Facility Affiliate to Ota General Hospital

WATABE Kazuo, Yui Architects & Planners
YAMADA Kunihiko, Tohyama Architects & Engineers

The Appreciation Prize of AIJ 1999

Contribution to Built Environment Education for Japanese Children

Anne P. Taylor, University of New Mexico

Succession of Pluster Work Skill as Traditional Regional Technique and the Contribution to the Creation of Contemporary Design through the Partnership with Architects


Her Activity toward Preservation and improvement of Familiar Town Motivated with Local Culture

MORI Mayumi