AIJ Prizes 1998

The Grand Prize of AIJ 1998

Contributions to the Progress of Environmental Engineering of Building

SAITO Heizo, Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo

Contributions to Development of Earthquake Engineering and Natural Disaster Science

SHIGA Toshio, Professor Emeritus, Tohoku University

The Prize of AIJ 1998

Research Theses Division

A Series of Studies on the Quantitative Analysis of the Effect of Passive Cooling Method and the Climatic Characteristics in Hot Humid Climatic Area

ISHIHARA Osamu, Kumamoto University

Strength and Deformation Model for Reinforced Concrete Member

ICHINOSE Toshikatsu, Nagoya Institute of Technology

Study on the System Truss

IWATA Mamoru, Nippon Steel Corporation

A Consecutive Study on Resource Recovery Technology of Construction Wastes and Industrial By-products for Material which can Coexist with Environment

KIKUCHI Masafumi, Meiji University

Research Works on Control of Microbiological Contamination in Building Environment

SUGAWARA Fumiko, Koriyama Women's University

Historical Study of Architecture and Urbanism in the Modern Age of Japan

FUJIMORI Terunobu, University of Tokyo

A Series of Study on Strength of Reinforced Concrete Shells

MASHITA Kazuhiko, Tokai University

A series of Studies on Architectural and Urban Disaster Prevention Planning Considered Human Factors

MUROSAKI Yoshiteru, Kobe University

The Semiotic Study on Townscapes

MONNAI Teruyuki, Waseda University

Estimation and Prediction of Thermal Loads and Fault Detection for Air-conditioning Systems

YOSHIDA Harunori, Kyoto University

Architectural Design Division

Kawakami Forest Club

IIDA Yoshihiko, Iida Archiship Studio

Multi-Media Workshop

SEJIMA Kazuyo, Kazuyo Sejima and Associates
NISHIZAWA Ryue, Office of Ryue Nishizawa

Izumi Village Center

TAKEDA Koji,Koji Takeda and Associates

Tokyo Opera City

YANAGISAWA Takahiko, TAC Associated Architects Inc.

Specific Contributions Division

Promotion and Development of Concrete Filled Steel Tube (CFT) Structural System

YAMAGUCHI Ikuo, Chair, Committee of Concrete Filled Steel Tube Structural System, Association of New Urban Housing Technology

International Cooperation on the Restoration of a Buddhist Monastery in Nepal

WATANABE Katsuhiko, Nippon Institute of Technology
HATANO Jun, Nippon Institute of Technology
KUROTSU Takayuki, Nippon Institute of Technology

Translation and Commentary of John Ruskin's The Stone of Venice (3 vols.)

FUKUDA Seiken, Kyushu University

Achievements on the Study of Frank Lloyd Wright

TANIGAWA Masami, Nihon University

The Synthetic Research in the Field of Habitation & Housing and the Continuous Activities to Publish the Result to the Society, Extending over 50years since Establishing

Habitation & Housing Research Foundation

Encouragement Prize of AIJ 1998

The Effect of Materials Color on the Evaluation of Stains on External Building Walls

ISHIGAMI Shinobu, Chiba Institute of Technology

Site Survey of Formation of Thermal Cool Island Due to Park and Inner River in Koto-ku, Tokyo
Thermal Effects of the Open Space with Green on the Urban Environment PartII

GAO Weijun, Waseda University

The Process of Urbanization and the Influence of Inflowing Population in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China
A study on the mixed-ethnic living in the marginal area of town and country Part 1

KANNO Hirotsugu, International Development Center of Japan

Characteristics and Problems of the Management System at Middle and Large Condominium in Korea
A Study on Condominium Management System in Korea

KIM Inhea, Hyupsung University, Korea

Relative Evaluation Method on Unevenness of Floor and Road Surfaces from the Viewpoint of Stability of Footing in Case of Limiting Locations Stepped on Unevenness
Study on Evaluation Method on Unevenness of Floor and Road Surfaces form the Viewpoint of Stability of Footing, Part 1

TAKAHASHI Hiroki, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Ultimate Load Capacity of Natural Rubber Bearings

TAKAYAMA Mineo, Fukuoka University

A Study on the Distributional Characteristics of Out Air Temperature for the Design of Air Conditioning in the Tokyo Metropolitan Using Detailed Numerical Geographical Information

TANIMOTO Jun, Kyushu University

Limit Analysis on Shear Failure Surface of R/C Columns Subjected to Vertical and Biaxial Horizontal Loads

TSUMURA Kozo, Tokyo Metropolitan University

Response Control of Buildings with Active Mass Damper
Part 2: Study on Design Method of Variable Gain Feedback Controller Considering Constraint on ADM System and its Performance

NAGASHIMA Ichiro, TAISEI Corporation

Test Method for Cement Content of Hardened Concrete
An Establishment of test Method by Sodium Gluconate

NAKATA Yoshihisa, Nishimatsu Construction Co.

Effectiveness of Tri-Syllable Articulation Evaluation with varied Rates Speech through Correspondence to Psychological Scale

HASHIMOTO Osamu, Nihon University

A Study on the Psychological Territory Based on Experiments of Interpersonal Horizontal Distance

HASHIMOTO Kuniko, Japan Women's University

Soh-daiku and Shuuri-daiku at the Tohji-temple during the Medieval Period

HAMAJIMA Kazunari, Junior College of Technology, Nihon University

Effect of Underreamed End Shapes on the Structural Strength of Cast-In-Place Concrete Pile Ends

YAMAZAKI Masahiro, Kyoto University

Designing of a Free-Address Research Office with User's Territories

YAMADA Tetsuya, Shimizu Corporation

Annual Architectural Design Commendation 1998

Shiroishi Municipal No.2 Elementary School

ASHIHARA Taro, Taro Ashihara Architects
KITAYAMA Ko, architecture WORKSHOP

ENIX Corporation Head Office


Timber-Framed House with a Curtain Wall

OSHINOMI Kunihide, Kajima Design,Yokohama National University
SEMBA Takeshi, Kajima Design Yokohama

Makubetu Welfare Center

GOTO Tatuya, Atelier BNK Co.,Ltd
TORIUMI Yoshiharu, Atelier BNK Co.,Ltd
HORIO Hiroshi,Atelier BNK Co.,Ltd

Soejima Hopital

TEZUKA Takaharu, Musashi Institute of Technology
TEZUKA Yui, Tezuka Architects

Kakegawa City Hall


DN Tower 21 (Dai-ichi/Nochu Building)

Kevin Roche, Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo and Associates Architects
FURUTA Toshio, Shimizu Corporation

Shishi World Museum

MIZUNO Ichiro, Kanazawa Institute of Technology

House Rehabilitated in Akashi

YAGI Masao, Akashi National College of Technology
KAMIYA Akio, Kamiya Akio Architect & Associates
TAHARA Masaru, Tahara Architect & Associates

Soai Co.Ltd

YAMAMOTO Hisami, Yamamoto Chyosui Architects and Associates

Nishikatamachi Municipal Housing of Yatsushiro

YOKOYAMA Shunsuke, Kumamoto University
SHIMONO Kenichi, Shimono Architects Factory

House in Seijo, 1996

WATANABE Akira, Akira Watanabe Architect & Associates

The Appreciation Prize of AIJ 1998

Townscape Restorations Plan for Obuse

ICHIMURA Tsugio, Obusedo Co.

Research on the Industrialization of Japanese Buildings and Their Introduction to Europe and USA, and Education of Researchers on Japan and Support for Japanese Researchers

Jean Englebert, Professor Emeritus, Université de Liège, Belgium

Achievements that have been made on the cultural heritage of architecture through restoration work, and the achievements of the continuity and education of the traditional wooden architecture method "Kikujutsu"

MOCHIDA Takeo, The Japanese Association for Conservation of Architectural Monuments