AIJ Prizes 1997

Grand Prize of AIJ 1997

Contribution to Research and Development in the Fields of Earthquake Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering

Yorihiko OHSAKI, Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo
Ohsaki Research Institute Inc.

Achievement in Architectural Designing Based on an Integrated Comprehension of Architecture in Relation to Cities and in the Field of Public Activities and Educational Contributions as a Professor of City Planning

Sachio OTANI, Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo

Prize of AIJ 1997

Research Theses

Hysteretic Behavior of Earthquake Resisting Elements and Seismic Design of Steel Frames

Kazuo INOUE, Osaka University

Studies of Process Technology and Properties of Polymer-Modified Cementitious Composites

Yoshihiko OHAMA, Nihon University

Numerical Simulation of Flow, Temperature and Contaminant Diffusion Fields in Rooms

Shinsuke KATO, University of Tokyo

Research on Reliability and Advancement of On-Line Computer Controlled Testing

Masayoshi NAKASHIMA, Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University

Studies on Nonlinear FEM Analysis of Concrete Structures and Its Application

Hiroshi NOGUCHI, Chiba University

Studies on Methods of Land Use Planning

Satoshi HAGISHIMA, Kyushu University

Environment Behavior Studies on Urban and Architectural Spaces in Regard to Wayfinding

Kunio FUNAHASHI, Osaka University

Architectural Design for Thermal Environment in Consideration of Random Fluctuation of External Climates

Shuichi HOKOI, Kyoto University

A Series of Studies on Analyses of Dynamic Boundary Value Problems Related to Soil Medium

Masato MOTOSAKA, Tohoku University

Studies on the History of French Modern Architecture

Koichi YOSHIDA, Yokohama National University

Architectural Designs

Noh Stage in the Forest

Kengo KUMA, Kengo Kuma & Associates Chiba Municipal Utase Elementary School
Kazuhiro KOJIMA, Science University of Tokyo, Coelacanth Architects Inc.
Kazumi KUDO, Coelacanth Architects Inc.
Masao KOIZUMI, Coelacanth Architects Inc.
Hiroshi HORIBA, Coelacanth Architects Inc.

Sagishima Project Ring Experience in Material No.37

Ryoji SUZUKI, Ryoji Suzuki Architect and Partners

Aichi Children's Center

Mitsuru SENDA, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Hisao FUJIKAWA, Aichi Institute of Technology

Specific Contributions

Development of Technologies for Realization of Izumo-Dome and Series of New-Facilities with Single-Membrane

Yukio SANO, Kajima Corporation
Shigeru BAN, Kajima Corporation
Shin HAYAKAWA, Kajima Corporation

His Distinguished Long Activities for the Improvement in the Field of Architectural Journalism

Keiichi TAIRA, Editor of ZOKEI, Kenchiku-Shicho Kenkyujyo Ltd. The Restoration of Historical Structures in Syurijo
Okinawa Developing Agency, Okinawa General Bureau, the Division of Development Construction
Housing Urban Development
Parks and Open Space Association of Japan
Kuniken Ltd.

Yebisu Garden Place

Kenzo EDAMOTO, Sapporo Breweries Ltd.
Kouichi SAITO, Housing and Urban Development Corporation
Kiyoshi SAKURAI, Kume Sekkei

The Design of Sun-Dome Fukui Inspired by the Extreme Snowfall and the Traditional Local Building Materials and Practices

Shigeyuki OKAZAKI, Kyoto University
Mamoru KAWAGUCHI, Hosei University
Building and Repairs Division, Fukui Prefectural Government
Cooperative Fukui Architectural Design Administrative Association

Encouragement Prize of AIJ 1997

A Study on the Comparison of Preservation Systems for Historical Environment between Japan and Taiwan -Focusing on Cultural Property Correlated Laws-

Satoshi ASANO, Mie University

Study on the Design Method of Ventilation System in Kitchen
-Forced Air Supply from the Vicinity of Gas Cooking Stove or Exhaust Hood-

Ying YU, Daiwa House Industry Co. Ltd.

Basic Examination on Cross-Ventilation Rates of Single Unit Models by Numerical Simulation

Ping HE, Sanken Setsubi Kogyo Co. Ltd.

Implicit Integration Scheme Based on Initial Stress Method for Substructure On-Line Test

Makoto KANDA, Nihon University

The Actual Condition of Dispersed Residence and the Formation of Residential Network in Modern Family

Jeong Kyun KIM, Tohoku University

Experiment of Tracing Deformation Path for Contribution of Steel and Concrete in Concrete-Filled Steel Tube

Takanori SATO, Shimizu Corporation

A Study on Selecting the Promotion Areas for District Cogeneration in Tokyo 23 Wards

Satoru SADOHARA, Yokohama National University

A Study on Characteristic of Reinforced Concrete Spandrels-Beam-Columns Typed Frames with Structural Slits
Part IV Evaluation of Maximum Lateral Load and Displacement and Failure Mode of Spandrel-Columns

Shinichi SHIOYA, Kagoshima University

A Study on the Characteristics of the Utilization and Architectural Guidelines of Hospice and Palliative Care Facility
A Study on the Architectural Planning of Palliative Care Facility Part 2

Kenji TAKEMIYA, National Institute of Health Service Management

Study on Relationship between Compressive Strength and Modulus of Elasticity of High-Strength Concrete

Takafumi NOGUCHI, University of Tokyo, University of California

Structural Optimization Analysis of Highrise Building by Using the Thin-Walled Beam Theory Considering Shear Effect Study on Structural Analysis of a Highrise Building by the Thin-Walled Beam Theory (Part 3)

Daiji FUJII, Hiroshima University

Studies on the Planning of Pompeian Houses
-Some Relations Between the Social Structure and the Planning in Ancient Roman Houses-

Yoshiki HORI, The Paleological Association of Japan

Dynamic Stability Analysis of Elastic Rod with Damping Terms under Nonconservative Forces

Toshio HONMA, Fujita Corporation.

Transition of Sitting Posture over Time
A Study on the Dynamics of Sitting Posture Considered from Man-Environment Setting Part1

Hidetoshi WATANABE, Mukogawa Women's University Junior College Division

Annual Architectural Design Commendations 1997

Natori City Funeral Hall

Shoichi HARIU, Shoichi Hariu Architect & Associates


Atsushi KITAGAWARA, Atsushi Kitagawara Architects, Inc.

Konami Nasu Seminar House

Kiyoshi SAKURAI, Nikken Sekkei Ltd.
Teruo YOKOTA, Nikken Sekkei Ltd.
Fumio NOHARA, Nikken Sekkei Ltd.
Hiroshi KUROKI, Nikken Sekkei Ltd.

Sagamihara City Museum

Tadahiro TOH, Archivision Architect & Associates
Yutaka HONDA, Archivision Architect & Associates

Chiba Municipal Utase Elementary School

Kazuhiro KOJIMA, Coelacanth Architects, Science University of Tokyo
Kazumi KUDO, Coelacanth Architects
Masao KOIZUMI, Coelacanth Architects
Hiroshi HORIBA, Coelacanth Architects

Hiboko Hall

Tsutomu SHIGEMURA,Team Zoo Atelier Iruka, Kobe University

Osaka World Trade Center Building ( Cosmo Tower )

Toshinori TERAMOTO, Nikken Sekkei Ltd.
Satoshi EZOE, Nikken Sekkei Ltd.

Kaifu So

Chitoshi KIHARA, Chitoshi Kihara Architects and Associates

Nakasyo Housing

Etsuo TANDA, Architect Office Kukan

Haizuka Elementary School

Yoshiyuki NISHIMIYA, Yoshiyuki Nishimiya & Associates, Architects

Kohno No Ochaya Kakurintei

Kiyonori MIISHO, S.I.T., Alsed
Yasuhiko OKURA, Alsed
Masao HAYAKAWA, M.Hayakawa Architect and Associates
Tadashi YOKOYAMA, University of Tokyo

Sefuri-Dolls House

Terukazu TAKESHITA, Kyusyu University
Masato HIROSE, Keikaku Inc.

The Appreciation Prize of AIJ 1997

Achievement of Outstanding Technical and Enthusiastic Contribution to Modernization of Stonework


Achievements in the Development of Architectural Design Theory and Practice in the Information Age as well as Worldwide Promotion of CAD Education

William John MITCHELL, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Achievements in Developing Mutual Understanding among Architects in the World Through Publications of His Pictures and Articles on the Architecture

Yukio FUTAGAWA, Photographer, Publisher