AIJ Prizes 1996

Grand Prize of AIJ 1996

Contribution to the Progress of Architecture, through a Series of Researches and Design Practices, on Building System Design

Yositika UTIDA, Professor emeritus, University of Tokyo

Great Contributions to the Research and Development of Steel Structures

Morihisa FUJIMOTO, Professor emeritus, Tokyo Institute of Technology and Kanagawa University

Prize of AIJ 1996

Research Theses

Studies on Temperature Distribution, Air Movement and Thermal Stratification in Occupied Spaces
-Design Concept for Thermal Environments-

Masamichi ENAI, Hokkaido University


Takashi OUMI, Tohoku University

Application of Optimum Reliability Index to Structural Engineering

Jun KANDA, University of Tokyo

Studies on the History of Architecture and Design in England and other European Countries

Hiroyuki SUZUKI, University of Tokyo

Weatherability of Elastomeric Roof Waterproofing Materials and Systems

Kyoji TANAKA, Tokyo Institute of Technology

A Study on the Reorganization of Urban Housing System from a Viewpoint of Architectural Planning Theory

Mitsuo TAKADA,Kyoto University

Studies on Properties of Aging Concrete Subjected to Drying

Seiki NAGAMATSU, Oita University

Studies on Urban Conservation Planning

Yukio NISHIMURA, University of Tokyo

Study on Lateral Deformation Capacity of Reinforced Concrete Members

Hisahiro HIRAISHI, Building Research Institute, Ministry of Construction

Studies on Elasto-Plastic Instability of Steel and Composite Columns and Frames

Shosuke MORINO, Mie University

Architectural Designs

Kurobe International Culture Center / COLARE/-Collaboration of Local Art Resource

Chiaki ARAI, Chiaki Arai Architect & Associates

House in Nipponbashi

Waro KISHI, Kyoto Institute of Technology

Uemura Naomi Memorial Museum

Akira KURYU, Chiba University, Akira Kuryu Architect & Associates
PLACEMEDIA Landscape Architects, inc.

Saitama Arts Theater

Hisao KOYAMA, University of Tokyo

Specific Contributions

Shinjuku I-Land: Urban Complex Featuring Advanced Environmental Design

Yoshio ISHIGURO, Nishi Shinjuku 6-chome East District Redevelopment Advancement Association
Mitsuhiro KIMURA, Housing & Urban Development Corporation
Narifumi MURAO, Nihon Sekkei,Inc.
Masaharu ROKUSHIKA, Nihon Sekkei,Inc.

Preservation of the Red Brick Structure (Former Office of the Ministry of Justice) of the Central Government Buildings No.6

Shinichi TERUI, Ministry of Construction
Makoto KOMINE, Ministry of Justice

On the Adoption of Seismic Isolation Systems in the West-Building

Tosio, NONOMURA, Building Department, Ministory of Posts and Telecommunications

At "OHARAI-MACHI";Preservation and Restoration

Masutane HAMADA, Akafuku Co.,Ltd.
Hajime NISHIKAWA, Shimizu Corporation
Seiichi OGAWA, Takenaka Corporation
Toru TAKAHASHI, Takahashi Architect and Associates
Mitsuo MIZUTANI, Ise City

Design and Construction Work of the Buildings at Showa Station, Antarctica

Zenkichi HIRAYAMA, Nihon University
Toshio HANNUKI, Nihon University
Toshio SATO, Nihon University

Encouragement Prize of AIJ 1996

Experimental Study on Natural Ventilation of Detached House
Part 1 Wind Tunnel Test on Surface Wind Pressure and Prediction of Air Change Rate of Detached House
Part 2 Numerical Prediction of the Relationship between Shelter Efficiency and Indoor Environment

Shin-ichi AKABAYASHI, Niigata University

1) Actice-varialble-stiffness System Based on Instantaneous Optimization for Single-degree-of-freedom Structure
2) Structure with Uniaxial Eccentricity Actively Controlled by Only One Control Force

Yoshiki IKEDA, Kobori Research Complexm, Kajima Corporation

1) The Idea of "Style-Synthesis" -A Study on the Structure of the German Architectural Theory in the Nineteenth-century-
2) The Idea of "style-Synthesis" and Young Schinkel's View of History -A Study on the Structure of the German Architectural Theory in the Nineteenth-century-

Tsuneo ISHIKAWA, Tokai University

Study on the Carvings Designed by the Tatekawa Master Carpenters

Ryuichi ITO, Kumamoto University

1) Design Sensitivity Analysis and Optimization of Structural Systems with Discountimous Properties
2) Design Sensitivity Analysis of Elastoplastic Structures

Makoto OHSAKI, Kyoto University

Studies of Seismic Responses in Sediment-Filled Valleys

Michihiro OHORI, Obayashi Corporation, Technical Research Institute

1) Study on the Actual Situation of "Culture Halls" in the Area of the Municipalities
-Study on the Regional Planning of "Culture Halls" Part 1-
2) A Study on the Architectural Planning of Backstage of Concert Halls

Yasuaki ONODA, Tohoku University

1) Ploy-linear Approximation Analysis of Tension Softening Deagram for Concrete
2) Evaluation of Crack Repair Materials by Means of Bending Test for Notched Concrete Specimen

Yoshinori KITSUTAKA, Tokyo Metropolitan University

Scenery:lived by 'Bashoh'
Scenery-structure in "Genju-an-ki"

Katsuhiko KOHZAI, Kyoto University

1) Acoustic Properties of an infinite Elastic Plate with a Back Cavity
2) Acoustic Reflection of an Elastic Plate with Periodic Ribs and a Back Cavity

Kimihiro SAKAGAMI, Kobe University

Wave Attenuation in Viscoelastic Material with Fading Memory and in Elastic Material with Attenua

XUE Songtao, Tohoku University

1) A Study on Urban Dynamics of Gion-Otabisyo in Kyoto
- On Relation between vanishing of feudal landholding and forming property boundary lines in the early Edo era-
2) A Study on Urbanization of the First Half of 17th Century in Kyoto
- On Urban forms and Dynamics of "Chijiri-Nenguchi" -

Toshikazu TSUCHIMOTO, Shinshu University

Seismic Design Directions of Structures with Beam Yielding Type

Masaomi TESHIGAWARA, Building Research Institute, Ministry of Construction

Wind Induced Fatigue Design for High Rise Steel Buildings

Hiroyuki NARIHARA, Taisei Corporation, Technology Research Center

1) Research on the Building-Types at Buddist Temple in Conformity to the Ordinance about Span-Control in the EDO-Period
2) Research on the Transformation Process of the Spatial Composition of the SENSOU-JI Temple in the Early EDO-Period

Wataru MITSUI, Agency for Cultural Affairs

Annual Architectural Design Commendation 1996

Osaka International Peace Center

Yasuyuki ITO, Kazumi KUDO, Masao KOIZUMI, Kazuhiro KOJIMA, Hirosi HORIBA,
Coelacanth Architects Partner


Eisaku USHIDA, Kathryn FINDLAY, Ushida Findlay Partnership

The Experimental Housing "NEXT21"

Yositika UTIDA, Meiji University
Kazuo TATSUMI, Fukuyma University
Seiichi FUKAO, Tokyo Metropolitan University
Mitsuo TAKADA, Kyoto University
Shinichi Chikazumi, Shu-koh-sha Architectural & Urbandesign
Saburo TAKAMA, Studio Scientific Air Conditioning Institute

YKK Namerikawa Dormitory

Hidetoshi OHNO, University of Tokyo

Sainokuni Chichibu Forest Lodge and Study Center

Kazutoshi KATAYAMA, Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music

The Inachus Bridge

Mamoru KAWAGUCHI, Katsumi NAGASE, Hosei University

Sonobe SD office

Waro KISHI, Kyoto Institute of Technology

Sekikawa Museum

Hisao KOYAMA, University of Tokyo

Tarumi Church

Masaki NISHIJIMA, prime Architects Inc

Sugar Hall

Yoshikazu MAKISHI, Architectural Atelier Dig and Pile

The Headquaters Office of Long-term Credit Bank of Japan

Hiromi MURAYAMA, Nikken Sekkei

House at Ohimachi


The Appreciation Prize of AIJ 1996

Exceptional Achievement in the Improvement of International Understanding of the Conservation Methods for Architectural Cultural Properties in Japan

Kunut Einar Larsen, Norwegian Institute of Technology

A Series of His Magnificent Achievements Concerning the Establishments of the Ceramic Tile Cultural Value and the Progress of the Architectural Culture with the Ceramic Tile Finishing

Masayuki YAMAMOTO, Japan Ceramic Tile Association