AIJ Prizes 2021

AIJ Grand Prize 2021

Grand prizes are presented to individualmembers whose achievements contribute to the advancement of architecture and building engineering.

Development of Theory of Architectural Design based on Morphology and Contribution to the Human Culture through the Education and Design Practice

KOHYAMA Hisao (Professor Emeritus, the University of Tokyo/Principal, Kohyama Atelier)

Contribution to Progress of Research on Application of Theory of Fluid Mechanics to Structural Engineering Problems with Particular Reference to Oceanic Building Structures

MATSUI Tetsuya (Professor Emeritus, Nagoya University/Nagoya Industrial Science Research)

Achievements in systematization of design methodologies for sound environment, and in creating a platform for multidisciplinary discussion in architecture

YASUOKA Masahito (Professor Emeritus, the University of Tokyo)

AIJ Prize 2021

AIJ prizes are presented to individual members for remarkable achievements made in the categories of research theses, architectural design, building engineering and specific contributions in architecture (e.g., town development, preservation of old architecture, technical development).

Research Paper Division

Diachronic Urban Formation Planning in Local City


ASANO Junichiro (Professor, Toyohashi University of Technology)

A series of studies on prediction method of fire spread behavior to contribute to rationalization of building fire safety design


OHMIYA Yoshifumi (Professor, Tokyo University of Science)

A series of studies on field measurements and contamination mechanisms of gaseous and particulate matter for indoor air quality


KAGI Naoki (Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Development of damage classification method with recorded accelerations for existing R/C buildings


KUSUNOKI Koichi (Professor, Earthquake Research Institute, the University of Tokyo)

Pile stress estimation with embedment effects during a large earthquake


TAMURA Shuji (Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology)

The Sacred in Architecture: Religion and Modern Architecture as a History of Ideas


DOI Yoshitake (Professor Emeritus, Kyushu University)

A historical study on the influence of space formation and city planning on the transformation of local areas in modern Japan


NAKANO Shigeo (Professor, Osaka City University)

A series of studies on rationalization of concreting in cold regions and prediction of frost damage deterioration


HAMA Yukio (Professor, Muroran Institute of Technology)

A Series of Historical Studies on the Enactment and Development of the Kenchikushi Law for Architects and Building Engineers


HAYAMI Kiyotaka (Professor, Nihon University)

Architectural Design Division

Shima Kitchen


ABE Ryo(Representative, Architects Atelier Ryo Abe)
Photo: Sadao HOTTA

Shima Kitchen



NAKAMURA Hiroshi(Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP)
YAMADA Noriaki(CEO, Yamada Noriaki Structural Design Office)
Photo: Koji Fujii / TOREAL


Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art


NISHIZAWA Tezzo(Tezzo Nishizawa Architects)
AOKI Jun(Director, AS)
Photo: Ano Daici

Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art

Building Engineering Division

Development and Deployment of ICT Infrastructure Construction Method for Construction Sites by Power Line Communication


NISHINO Takaaki(Chief Researcher, Research & Development Institute, Takenaka Corporation)
KUMAGAI Kenji(Chief, Engineering Depot, Tokyo Main Office, Takenaka Corporation)
ONO Kouichi(Chief, Engineering Depot, Osaka Main Office, Takenaka Corporation)
MATSUBARA Kohei(Associate Researcher, Research & Development Institute, Takenaka Corporation)

Practical Achievement Division

Longstanding contributions on practical matters with regard to the development of wind engineering


YOSHIDA Masaaki(Former President & CEO, Wind Engineering Institute Co., LTD.)
NAKAMURA Osamu(Chairman, Wind Engineering Institute Co., LTD.)
MIYASHITA Koichi(President & CEO, Wind Engineering Institute Co., LTD.)

Special Award for Recovery or Reconstruction from Disasters

Reconstruction Project for Osawa area of Karakuwa, Kesennuma


Kesennuma Future Project in Osawa
Disaster Prevention Group Relocation Promotion Project in Osawa(Association for Regional Development in Osawa)

Community-led Initiative and Group Relocation in Koizumi District, Kesennuma City


SAISEI KOIZUMI / Koizumi Tomorrow Group
MORI Suguru(Professor, Hokkaido University)
WADA Atsushi(Former Managing Director, Atelier BNK Co., Ltd.)

An Approach to Temporary Housing Supply and Disaster Public Housing Construction in Fukushima Formulated in The Wake of The Great East Japan Earthquake and Nuclear Disaster


Building and Housing Section, Public Works Department, Fukushima Prefectural Government

Regional reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake centered on the Yuriage Wharf Morning Market


Yuriage Wharf Morning Market Cooperative
Team of researchers for Yuriage reconstruction
Shoichi Haryu Architect & Associates

AIJ Education Award 2021

AIJ Award for Distinguished Education

Activities for the transformation of university education programs related to building structure, the development of teaching materials and their practices, and encourage of public awareness regarding disaster preparedness


ISHIKAWA Takashige(Professor Emeritus, Japan Women's University)

AIJ Award for Excellent Educational Contribution

Education to Learn from the Mud – Reborn Now, The Rammed Earth - An Attempt of Practical Architectural Education


ISHIKAWA Tsuneo(Professor, Maebashi Institute of Technology)
MITAMURA Teruaki(Associate Professor, Maebashi Institute of Technology)
TSUTSUMI Hiroki(Associate Professor, Maebashi Institute of Technology)

Trajectory of the new educational curriculum "Futurology in the Mountainous area" that combines Practical knowledge of the region and Academic knowledge of the university


SHIN Yuta(Assistant Professor, The University of Tokyo)
TERAUCHI Mikiko(Professor, Shinshu University)

The contribution about the primary education to the landscape and disaster prevention in a snowy country


TSUKIDATE Toshiei(Chief, Snowy country culture Laboratory)

The Learning School of the Community and City Planning "OUR VILLAGE MADE BY T-CUBE"


The Japan Institute of Architects, Kinki Branch, Hyogo Regional Meeting

AIJ Book Award 2021

AIJ book award is awarded for excellent achievements concerning Writing by its members.

Ryori: A Village Between Waves


AIBA Shin(Professor, Tokyo Metropolitan University)
AOI Akihito(Professor, Meiji University)
IKEDA Hirotaka(Professor, Tokoha University)
ISHIGURE Masakazu(Associate Professor, Kwansei Gakuin University)
OKAMURA Kentaro(Lecturer, Kindai University)
KIMURA Shuhei(Associate Professor, University of Tsukuba)
TSUJIMOTO Yuki(Researcher, Hamagin Research Institute, Ltd.)
YAMAGISHI Takeshi(Photographer)

Ryori: A Village Between Waves

“Kyo-machiya chart”reveals-The world of Kyo-machiya that Kyoto people do not know


OBA Osamu(Professor, Kinugasa Research Organization, Ritsumeikan University)

Kyo-machiya chart reveals-The world of Kyo-machiya that Kyoto people do not know

“Neighborhood House” and “Covered Square” - Essences of Public Architecture in Italy


OZASA Takao(Associate Professor, Hokkaido University)
KOMATSU Hisashi(Professor, Nagoya University)

“Neighborhood House”and“Covered Square”- Essences of Public Architecture in Italy

Kobe Reconstructed from World War II: A Study on the Urban Space and Life Under Occupation


MURAKAMI Shihori(Visiting Researcher, Osaka City University)

Kobe Reconstructed from World War II: A Study on the Urban Space and Life Under Occupation

AIJ Annual Architectural Design Commendation 2021

Annual architectural design commendations are presented for excellent architectural designs selected from the "Selected Architectural Designs of the Architectural Institute of Japan."

No applicable entries due to the cancellation of "Selected Architectural Designs of the Architectural Institute of Japan 2021", affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

AIJ Young Researcher Award 2021

Performance evaluation of single-sided natural ventilation for generic building using large-eddy simulations: Effect of guide vanes and adjacent obstacles

ARINAMI Yuki(Assistant Professor, Niigata University.)

The Design Process of the Hosei University Ichigaya Campus Project by Hiroshi Ohe A study of the transition of Hiroshi Oheʼs architectural view Part 1

ISHII Shota(Assistant Professor, Meiji University)

Effect of Thickness of the Base Layer on Electromagnetic Absorption on Heating Mortar Blocks for Melting Snow Through Quasi Microwaves

ITO Yosuke(Assistant Professor, Nagoya Institute of Technology)

Shiga-in Temple in the Edo Period, An Attempt to Its Reconstruction -Through the Analysis of the Temple’s Organization for Management and Spatial Arrangements Indicating Hierarchy-

OGASHIWA Norika(Assistant Professor, Shibaura Institute of Technology)

Land Delivery Process and Mechanism for Securing Land Tenure in Informal Settlements: Understanding the spatial formation and management of informal settlements in Nairobi (2)

ONO Haruka(Lecturer, Toyohashi University of Technology)

Critical Earthquake Response of Sdof Elastic-Perfectly Plastic Model With Viscous Damping Under Double Impulse as Substitute of Near-Fault Ground Motion

KOJIMA Kotaro(Assistant Professor, Kyoto Institute of Technology)

Bearing Strength Evaluation of Steel Beam Embedded Joints in Steel Reinforced Concrete Wall-Columns

SAGAWA Takayuki(Deputy Senior Research Engineer, Institute of Technology, Shimizu Corporation)

“Traditional” Technique and Local Knowledge on Hïdmo House Construction in Tigray, Ethiopia: A retrospective study on building construction process from the perspective of tools and materials

SHIMIZU Nobuhiro(The University of Tokyo/JSPS Research Fellow (PD))

Development of Dynamic Moisture Content Measurement System for Wooden Members Exposed to Fire Heating

SUZUKI Tatsuro(Taisei Advanced Center of Technology, Taisei Construction)

Displacement ventilation with radiant panel for hospital wards: Measurement and prediction of the temperature and contaminant concentration profiles

CHOI Narae(Assistant Professor, Osaka University)

The Derivation of the Cross-in-Square Churches in terms of their Interior Architectural Configuration: The Genealogy of the cross-in-square churches during middle-Byzantine period (1)

HIGUCHI Ryo(Designated Assistant Professor, Nagoya University)

Deliberation Process of Building Standard Law Enforcement Order –A study on the deliberation of architectural standards upon enactment of building standard law –

FUJIGA Masato(Assistant Professor, Kogakuin University)

Verification of the Residential CO2 Emission Reduction Expected in the Long Term Energy Supply and Demand Outlook

MATSUOKA Ayako(Head Researcher, Advanced Technology R&D Center, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)

Estimation of the Envelope Curve Calculated by Statistical Correlation of Cyclic Loading Tests of Mud Walls

MURAMOTO Makoto(Associate Professor, Kyoto Institute of Technology)

Comparison About Several Concepts Between Antoni Gaudi and Pau Mila : On discourse of Antoni Gaudí, (3)

YAMAMURA Takeshi(Associate Professor, Tokyo Polytechnic University/Director of Gaudiology Institute)

AIJ Young Architect Award for Selected Architectural Designs 2021

Young architect award for selected architectural designs are presented for excellent research done by regular members under 40 years old.

No applicable entries due to the cancellation of "Selected Architectural Designs of the Architectural Institute of Japan 2021", affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

AIJ Culture Award 2021

Culture awards are presented to non-members for excellent contributions to architecture.

The pioneering furniture design that creates the potential of architectural space

FUJIE Kazuko

As a project planner, editor and author, Tomoharu Makabe has contributed significantly to Japanese architectural culture through his unique publications and projects on important issues of architecture and urban design. His works have stimulated important dialogues amongst his colleagues, and the quality of his output and his commitment to his work are widely appreciated

MAKABE Tomoharu

Construction of a City Planning Model for Sustainable Environmental Policy

MORI Masashi