Research Committees

  • Research Committee on Building Materials and Construction Procedure
  • Research Committee on Structures
    Managing Committee on Applied Mechanics
    Managing Committee on Loads and Actions on Buildings
    Managing Committee on Building Foundations
    Managing Committee on Timber Structures
    Managing Committee on Steel Structures
    Managing Committee on Reinforced Concrete Structures
    Managing Committee on Prestressed Concrete Structures
    Managing Committee on Steel-Concrete Composite Structures
    Managing Committee on Shell & Spatial Structures
    Managing Committee on Engineering Seismology and Structural Dynamics
    Managing Committee on Temporary Structures
    Managing Committee on Box-Shaped Wall Structures
    Managing Committee on Nuclear Power Facilities
  • Research Committee on the History and Theory of Architecture
  • Research Committee on Fire Safety
  • Research Committee on Architecture System and Management
  • Research Committee on Environmental Engineering
  • Managing Committee on Sound Environment
    Managing Committee on Environmental Vibration
    Managing Committee on Luminous Environment
    Managing Committee on Thermal Environment
    Managing Committee on Air Environment
    Managing Committee on Water Environment
    Managing Committee on Building Services
    Managing Committee on Urban Environment and Infrastructure
    Managing Committee on Environmental Psychology and Physiology
    Managing Committee on Environmental Design
    Managing Committee on Electromagnetic Environment
    Managing Committee on Publication of Environmental Engineering
  • Research Committee on Building Legislation
  • Research Committee on Architectural Education
  • Research Committee on Urban Planning and Design
    Local City Sub-Committee
  • Research Committee on Architectural Planning and Design
    Sub-Committee on Life Safety Design
    Open Building Sub Committee
  • Research Committee on Rural Planning and Design
  • Research Committee on Marine Architecture
  • Research Committee on Information Systems Technology
  • Research Committee on Earthquake Disaster
  • Research Committee on Global Environment

Special Research Committees

  • Special Research Committee on Building of Effective Reconstruction Support for the Great East Japan Earthquake
  • Special Research Committee on Prevention of Disasters caused by Climate Change
  • Special Research Committee on Development of Communication Methods between Professionals and Citizens on Buildings and Housings

Statements & Proposals


AIJ Prizes

AIJ awards great achievements every year to promote the advancement and development of the science, technology and art related to architecture and to heighten architectural quality in Japan. Each prize has its own criteria for awarding achievements.

The Grand Prize of Architectural Institute of Japan
Grand prizes are presented to individual members whose achievements contribute to the advancement of architecture and building engineering.

Prizes of Architectural Institute of Japan
(1) The Prize of Architectural Institute of Japan for Research Thesis
(2) The Prize of Architectural Institute of Japan for Design
(3) The Prize of Architectural Institute of Japan for Engineering
(4) The Prize of Architectural Institute of Japan for Specific Contribution

AIJ awards prizes to individual members for remarkable achievements made in the categories of research theses, architectural design, building engineering and specific contributions in architecture (e.g., town development, preservation of old architecture, technical development).

The Prize of AIJ for Education
The Prize of the AIJ for Education is awarded for excellent achievements concerning architectural education by its members, which have contributed to the advancement of architectural education. It consists of the Award for Distinguished Achievement for work which bore fruit following years of activity, while making an outstanding contribution to the advancement of architectural education as well as society (one work), and the Award for Outstanding Practice for work concerning educational programs/instructional materials (four works).

The Prize of AIJ for Book
This prize is awarded for the literary works that are written by AIJ members and appreciated as excellent achievements that contributed to the progress and development of science, technology and art, or to the spread and enlightenment of the architectural culture to society.

The Encouragement Prize of Architectural Institute of Japan
These prizes are presented for excellent research done by regular members under 40 years old.

The Annual Architectural Design Commendation of Architectural Institute of Japan
These commendations are presented for excellent architectural designs selected from the "Selected Architectural Designs of the Architectural Institute of Japan."

The Appreciation Prize of Architectural Institute of Japan
AIJ awards these prizes to non-members for excellent contributions to architecture.

The AIJ Prize for Design and Annual Architectural Design Commendation

The AIJ Prize for Design
The Prize of the Architectural Institute of Japan for Design, established in 1949, is the oldest and most prestigious award given to architectural designs in Japan. The prize is given to outstanding architectural designs (including landscapes, interiors, etc.) completed in recent years which have a high standard from both social and cultural standpoints, and which contribute to the comprehensive development of technique and art. The prize is given to at most three-designs annually. No one shall receive the prize; if designs are not worth awarded.

Annual Architectural Design Commendation of AIJ
AIJ has published the "Selected Architectural Design of AIJ" annually since 1989 in order to announce excellent works designed by AIJ members. Those works are eligible, and are selected by the Editorial Committee of the AIJ Journal of Selected Architectural Designs. The condition of application is that a work should have been completed more than one but less than three years before submission. Every year approximately 250 works are submitted and about 60 works get published. "Annual Architectural Design Commendations of AIJ," established in 1995, are awards given to superior works among the "Selected Architectural Design of AIJ."

Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering

JAABE Best Paper Award
This award is presented to outstanding papers published in this journal by the Architectural Institute of Japan, Architectural Institute of Korea and Architectural Society of China.