Code of Ethics

Fundamental Principle

It shall be the mission of the Architectural Institute of Japan to contribute to enrichment of the fabric of human life, by respecting the history, tradition and culture of each region of the country, and achieving harmony with the global environment through acquired wisdom and technology, while recognizing the social role and responsibility of architecture, which serves as the cornerstone of a rich civil infrastructure.

Fundamental Canons of Behavior

I. Passing on architectural technologies and reverence for traditional culture

Members of the Architectural Institute of Japan (hereinafter referred to as the Members) shall cultivate the concept of "durability,functionality and beauty"  which has been inherited from our ancestors since ancient times, and pass on superior architectural technologies and respect local traditional culture.

II. Construction of secure buildings and a good quality urban environment

The Members shall make utmost efforts for the construction of secure buildings and a good quality urban environment which eases the anxiety of and reassures all people, by anticipating disasters and accidents which may jeopardize human life.

III. Creation of a functional and beautiful living environment

The Members shall aim for the creation of a beautiful living environment with attention given to functionality, by taking full advantage of their wisdom and acquired technical abilities, for the sake of the prosperity and welfare of humankind.

IV. Conservation of the global environment and its sustainable development

The Members shall strive for the efficient use of limited resources by minimizing waste and pollution, in order to assure conservation of the global environment and its sustainable development.

V. Sharing and transmitting of public information based on academic neutrality

The Members shall, based on academic neutrality, strive for the sharing of information of public-interest in the special fields in which they are involved and actively disseminate such information to society.

VI. Respect for intellectual property and inviolability

The Members shall respect published academic achievements and intellectual property such as patents and the like, and shall not violate the intellectual achievements or copyrights of others.

VII. Contribution to local and international societies

The Members shall, through mutual cooperation, contribute to local society and the development of international society, in collaboration with other academic and professional organizations.

Comment Stagement

The Architectural Institute of Japan sets forth the Code of Ethics as the basic philosophy under which the members of the Institute contribute to the advancement of architecture related science, technology and art as well as to society, according to their conscience, while bearing a great sense of pride. The principal text above thus comprises the Fundamental Principle and the Fundamental Canons of Behavior.