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Specifications and Codes
Standard Specifications for Building Construction
Structural Calculation Codes
Building design and historical/general data
AIJ Pamphlets
Architectural Yearbooks
Architectural Design Data Corpus
Architectural Engineering Pocketbooks
Development History of Modern Japanese Architecture
Statistics of Architectural Economy
Statute Book of Building Standards
Collections of drawings and photographs
Photographs of Architecture in Meiji and Taisho Periods
Pattern Design Corpus (1911-1916)
The Great East Asian Architecture Graph
New German Architecture
Reference Drawings for Architectural History (Japan, the East, and the West)
AIJ histories and catalogues
History of AIJ
General Lists of Publications
 (Journal of Architecture and Building Science, Transactions of AIJ, etc., 1886-1945)
Surveys, reports, etc.
Survey reports and related documents
Publications of other institutions
Journal of Manchuria Technical Association
Journal of Manchuria Architectural Association
Special valuable literature owned by AIJ
Tatsuno Collection, Tsumaki Collection and related literature
Tatsuno Collection
Tsumaki Collection
Hinagata-Bon :
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Non-free Photograph Databases
Photographs of Architecture in Meiji and Taisho Periods

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